Job Bank Service


Our Employment Services - the most recently introduced service - was informally launched in June 1999 with the mandate of sourcing suitable jobs for individuals and suitable individuals for companies. Advertising in the Press and writing directly to companies brought about the informal launch and a tremendous response from the public.

Description of Job Bank

The Job Bank is a database of corporate and non-corporate applicants in search of jobs best suited for their qualifications. This includes both persons who applied to the Bank independently and unsuccessful applicants who had responded to advertisements for particular vacancies.

Unsuccessful applicants are recycled for other jobs where they may be more suited.

The database includes a diverse range of applicants of varying qualification, sorted by subject and qualifications for easy reference.

Types of Services Offered

The Job Bank extends services to two main groups of people: individuals and companies. These are as follows:

Services Offered to Companies

Our range of services are primarily designed to assist employers by sourcing new employees, conducting interviews and background checks, performing salary surveys and training prospective employees. Our goal is to save companies the valuable time and resources that would be expended in reviewing the large number of applicants responding to advertised positions.

We also conduct specialised searches that ensure our clients employ the best-qualified candidates for their vacancies with minimal input.

 If our data bank cannot source the desired person, we would normally advertise in the media for suitable applicants. If the client has already completed this phase of the process we can be of assistance in the pre-screening of prospects. We will either conduct initial interviews if required or provide a shortlist of individuals we consider best suited for the job.

We also offer specialised training as requested by Companies and other entities. Some courses which we have successfully conducted in the past include Finance for Non Financial Managers, The Companies Act for Company Secretaries, The Companies Act and the Director, Beyond Secretary, Basic Accounting and Budgeting, and several computer courses including Peachtree Accounting.

Services Offered to Individuals

Individuals seeking assistance through our Job Bank can do so free of cost. A curriculum vitae along with a letter indicating the individual’s area or field of interest is all that is needed for us to source a suitable position. The aim of the service is to place individuals in positions where they will be comfortable and can perform adequately.


Placement services are not intended to be simply the matching of applicants and vacancies, but the in-depth process which requires initial screening for suitable applicants, a thorough interview, short listing for a second interview by the prospective employer, and recommendations specific to the placement as may be necessary.

There will be need for regular conferring with the client since our aim is to please the client completely.

To fulfill our goal to serve the community through the Firm and its employees, these services are offered free of cost to individuals applying for jobs. Companies are charged a small fee for placement, disbursements, time and expenses.

Whilst we do not guarantee that every applicant will be matched with a vacancy, we certainly will explore all possibilities.