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Ram & McRae, Chartered Accountants, Professional Services Firm is pleased to present the findings of its Annual Business Outlook Survey for the Year 2003.

This publication, the ninth of its kind, summarises the responses by thirty-eight companies of varying sizes, organisational cultures and products/services offered in different sectors of the economy.

The Survey questionnaire required respondent companies to give brief details on their companies, highlights of their companies' performances and decisions taken during 2002 and their outlook on the economy, their companies' profitability as well as some of their plans and strategies for the future. Where necessary comparisons were made with results of last year's Survey to highlight the trends in the thoughts of the local business community.

The Survey's focus is on the business, political and current affairs issues both locally and internationally which we consider to be pertinent to business. Ram & McRae is pleased to compile, share and comment on these results which we hope will allow respondents to match their own views with those shared by their counterparts.

We wish to thank those companies which completed and returned their questionnaires. We hope that this Report compensates for their efforts.

The Report does not include a copy of the Questionnaire sent to companies invited to participate, but these are available from our office.

We welcome any suggestions on how future surveys may be made more useful.

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